World's smallest and truly lavalier wireless microphone,three colors are available for you:black,white,yellow,fashionable appearance bring you cool lifestyle.Ultra-compact and extremely versatile single and dual channel version meet your variety demand.lensgo348c wireless microphone already got several international patents for a wide range of content creation.It is suitable for a variety of wireless applications such as:interviews,news interviews(ENG),audio live production(EFP),film production, business and education applications.
                      Leading technology:It is the world’s first lavalier wireless microphone with the function of recording in the built-in memory card and have the extra “REC”button,let you record whenever you want;
                      Portable charging case:Equipped with a portable outer packaging box, but it is not a packaging box, it is a portable charging box, eliminating the cumbersome charging of 3 charging heads + 3 charging cables at the same time, only 1 charging head + 1 cable is needed;
                      Magnet Clip:Adopt the magnet clip coldshot ,hide your microphone in whenever ,install your microphone in wherever;
                      The main chip adopts the American TI2.4G digital integration technology,
                      The receiver adopts a TFT screen, which displays the power and signal of the receiver and transmitter. And the working status of recording mode, stereo and mono mode display.
                      Can Connect mobile phone/SLR camera Or Connect a laptop/computer, No problem at all.




                      Memory Card Backup, Double Insurance, One Key to Start Recording

                      WiFi signal interference cannot be completely avoided in daily shooting. WiFi signal interference is the number one killer that affects the stable transmission of microphone signals. Signal interference has is always a headache issue for the shooting. So far, no one brand or manufacturer can solve the problem of signal interference.

                      LENSGO348C is built-in TF card slot which can insert the memory card to back up the audio source, which solves the problem of signal interference and missing recording. A extra "REC " recording button is added on the transmitter screen to start/stop recording backup. Turn on the recording function when shooting. When the audio source is disturbed by the signal,there is an abnormal sound or the sound is interrupted, you can directly export the TF backup audio file. The file does not need to be converted and can be directly edited and used. 


                      Magnet Cold Shoe,Hide it and Adsorb Anywhere

                      In the shooting,you have to connect the receiver to the device,in the package we have metal paster,you can stick in recorder,tripod and smartphone,all in all any device you can’t install the wireless microphone,you can stick it.

                      How convenient!Amazing ideal right?

                      Solved the receiver,let’s talk about the transmitter.you must meet the headache problem that you don’t want that microphone appear in the film,our magnet clip can solve that problem,when you wear a black shirt,you can hide you microphone inside of your cloth,absorb the clip.shooting untroubled.


                      Portable Charging Box

                      Equipped with a portable outer packaging box, but it is not a packaging box, it is a portable charging box, eliminating the cumbersome charging of 3 charging heads + 3 charging cables at the same time, only 1 charging head + 1 cable is needed. One charge three, more convenient and fast. The design of the outer packaging box is also unique. The transmitter using the amplified version of the wireless microphone is the packaging outer box, which looks like an oversized transmitter from a distance. The outer packaging is a packaging box that integrates storage. It uses a magnetic suction device to eliminate the need to organize and avoid the trouble of losing equipment.

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                      Polar Pattern


                      Wireless Frequency570.0 MHz - 589.0 MHz
                      Working Distance50m(LOS),20m(NLOS)
                      Input Frequency Range30Hz-20KHz
                      Receving Sensitivity
                      RF Output Power8dbm
                      Maximum SPL(Mic)120dB SPL
                      Maximum Input Level(3.5mm)
                      Microphone Preamp Gain
                      Equivalent Noise Level(A-Weighted)
                      Audio Output Jack

                      1 x 1/8" /3.5mm TRS Line Out

                      1 x 1/8" /3.5mmTRS Headphone Output

                      Built-in Mic/External Mic

                      Built-in 500mAh Rechargable Li-Battery(Mic-USB)

                      Working Time 
                      Charging Time
                      Spring Antenna
                      Operating Temperature

                      -20°C to + 80°C

                      Storage Temperature
                      0°C to + 40°C

                      30g(TX or RX)


                      what's including the package.jpg



                      lensgo348c memory card recording version it is WAV version,177KBPS bite rate,the bigger number,the effect is better. lensgo338c & 328c is MP3 version.

                      You can put microphone in the charging box and charged by type-C,you also can charge microphone by type-C directly.When you put the microphone in the charging box,the red light shake means in the way of charging,when the products is fully charged.the red light is always on.indicating that the microphone is fully charged.

                      Yes,you no need to worry about lensgo348c signal issue,cause it is built-in memory card slot and with extra "REC" recording button,can realize a key to sart/stop card recording function.

                      Cause lensgo348c wireless microphone belong to wireless device,in the complex environment the signal will effected by other wireless system,the professional user they will buy a zoom recorder,in order to solve that problem we built-in the recorder to the microphone,in the simple environment,we will no need to open the function of recorder,so that we add extral"REC" button,let you one key start recorder if you want.

                      It will take 1.5H to charge the microphone ,and support you record the video for 7 Hours.

                      No,you can't plug out/plug in the memory card when power on,it will broken the memory card.

                      Nope,it just can support max 32GB card in NTFS. fat32 version.

                      The TX blue light flashes to indicate mute, the green light flashes to indicate signal pairing, and the red light flashes to indicate low power.

                      1. You should check the connection mode is correct,the smartphone cable is black head+red head,black head connect with smartphone,red head connect with receiver output,camera cable is 2 red head.

                      2. You need to check whether the transmitter is in mute state,click one time the power on/off button change the mute state and blue light flash.the screen have "mute"state you can see.

                      3. Checking the transmitter screen whether have a volume dynamic.

                      4. Checking whether the transmitter and receiver paring succussfuly

                      The transmitter and receiver signal light indicate blue means paring successfully