TF card and wireless microphone transmitter record audio synchronously. You can select "Record Menu"-"Enable", insert the 32G (Max) TF card into the wireless microphone transmitter to prevent audio loss during real-time shooting and prevent audio recording loss due to external channel interference with breakpoints. Note: Not included TF card

                      Wireless lavalier microphone system compatible with Nikon Canon Sony DSLR camera, camcorder, iPhone Android smartphone, iPad and More. Wireless lapel microphone is the best choice for YouTube live, Video recording, Audio recording, Vlog recording, Interviews, Micro film recording, Podcasts, Wedding, Mobile journalists, Content creators, ENG and EFP etc

                      Record crystal-clear, distortion-free audio. Adopts international UHF wireless transmission, 1 receiver triggered by 1 transmitter, which can be used for multiple devices working together, adjustable RF signal strength or auto-scanning for quick channel selection to A/B group.With LCF low cut filtering Mode and Manual / Auto sync.

                      The wireless lavalier microphone system, each unit is powered by two "AA" batteries (Not included) for up to 5 hours of operation. The farthest range 500 ft (150m) in open areas, best receiving range is within 246 ft (75m).



                      LENSGO LWM-328C Wireless Microphone: Sounds in Sync Everywhere!

                      LESNGO LWM-328C Wireless Lavalier Microphone system, wireless lavalier lapel mic with 1 Receiver & 2 Transmitter for iPhone Android Smartphone Canon Nikon DSLR Camera. It is the best choice for YouTube Facebook Live Vlog recording Interview Program Hosting Podcast Presentation Church Wedding ENG EFP and More

                      It uses UHF wireless technology and LED high-resolution lattice screen: 99 channels in total, Auto-scanning, Auto Channel-match, audio LCF mode,RF signal strength adjustment,MIC/LINE IN input dual selection, power monitoring at receiver end, sound pickup dynamic display, back light adjustment and other functions, at the same time with strong shielding anti-noise performance, it’s a high-quality microphone to broadcasting level.


                      1. Insert a card to record, a new TF card or format an old TF card, this TF must always be used with the wireless lavalier microphone

                      2. TF synchronization recording files may not be directly put into Premiere Pro and other video editing software, you need to convert the format of the recording file to put it into the video editing software.

                      Frequency range: 520MHz ~ 590MHz   

                      Channels: 100 channels                                       

                      Frequency response: 60 ~ 17KHz 

                      Effective Distance: 150 meters(No obstacle)                         

                      Antenna: SMA omnidirectional antenna                      

                      Audio interface: 3.5mm TRS interface                     

                      Signal to noise ratio: ≥75dB                             

                      Sound delay: <1mS                                                     

                      Spurious suppression: -60dB                                      

                      Recording sampling rate: 16bit 48K 

                      Max Capacity: max support capacity of 32G 

                      Power: Two AA batteries                                                

                      Life time: 8H                                                      

                      Dimensions: 195mm * 30mm * 65mm                       

                      Weight: RX 140g, TX 120g



                      Polar Pattern


                      Wireless Frequency570.0 MHz - 589.0 MHz
                      Working Distance50m(LOS),20m(NLOS)
                      Input Frequency Range30Hz-20KHz
                      Receving Sensitivity
                      RF Output Power8dbm
                      Maximum SPL(Mic)120dB SPL
                      Maximum Input Level(3.5mm)
                      Microphone Preamp Gain
                      Equivalent Noise Level(A-Weighted)
                      Audio Output Jack

                      1 x 1/8" /3.5mm TRS Line Out

                      1 x 1/8" /3.5mmTRS Headphone Output

                      Built-in Mic/External Mic

                      Built-in 500mAh Rechargable Li-Battery(Mic-USB)

                      Working Time 
                      Charging Time
                      Spring Antenna
                      Operating Temperature

                      -20°C to + 80°C

                      Storage Temperature
                      0°C to + 40°C

                      30g(TX or RX)


                      Packing including:

                      Single series:


                      Double series:




                      Yeap,there are two connect styple.

                      A:Director side let the transmitter connect with mixer use the line in.

                      B:Singer take the transmitter use the 3.5mm jack. 

                      Yeap,you can get decent sound from either. Most of our customer use lensgo328c connect with lensgodmm1 and lensgodmm2.

                      You need to get a trrs adapter to connect your smartphone. If you use iPhone 7 up, you need to connect your original lightning cable.

                      It only have two ways of power supply:
                      A. Internal AA Battery 2pcs
                      B. External Type-C charging direcly charge the rechargable AA battery.remember it is rechargable battery.you'd better use 1.2V NiMH battery

                      When you are charging the red light is always on,at the full of charging the red light flash,full of charge red light gose off.

                      Yes,it can work with you camera.gropro hero 7 has a USB jack.our lensgo328c wireless microphone comes with 3.5mm audio output cable, if you use correct adapter, so this microphone can fit the gropro hero 7 camera well.

                      This microphone has one receiver and two transmitters. If you want it to output stereo, you can set the two transmitters to A/B Group separately, then select the output mode to stereo mode in the receiver settings. 

                      Please adjust the recording volume of the camera to 3 or 4 or 5,then adjust the transmitter mic gain in -3 or -2  or -1,depent on your device,the last one you should adjust the receiver volume  to a little bit small.

                      It can record the longest distance is 150 meters without barrier,you can adjust the channel to 50~99 channel to ensure it can record longer.

                      The 32G memory card can record 180H,insert the memory card and reset,finish the record ,please stop the function of record.

                      It can be used for 5 Hours.